Moving out and about in the city of Sheffield will be a daily, weekly or fortnightly occurrence for many. Whether you’re heading out for shopping at Meadowhall, you want to explore the museums in the city centre or you want to attend a football or rugby match, you will want to do so comfortably.

Our wheelchair taxi service at A1 Taxis Sheffield is trusted to provide our disabled and elderly customers with the best way of travelling around the city. No matter the length of journey or the time of day, our professional drivers will be on hand to help you.

What is involved in our wheelchair taxi service?

When you entrust and choose our team at A1 Taxis Sheffield you will gain a range of reassuring benefits. To help you choose our wheelchair taxis in Sheffield, here are three features of our taxi service in Sheffield:

  1. Wheelchair accessible taxis: We are proud at A1 Taxis Sheffield to have a fleet of wheelchairs that are ready and waiting to pick you up and take you to your destination. 95% of our fleet of vehicles are wheelchair friendly and allow us to get you into the vehicle with minimal fuss every time.
  2. Helpful staff: By selecting and entrusting our team at A1 Taxis Sheffield you will have the best chance of getting support for your regular or one-off taxis. We work hard to ensure that you can trust in our service from start to finish. From calling our team up through to our uniformed staff helping you into the cab, you can be certain of a professional service at every stage.
  3. Affordable 24/7 service: We don’t want your disability to make doing the things you love difficult. We want you to be assured that you have a reliable taxi service on your side whenever you need us. From airport transfers at the crack of dawn through to taxi rides home from a party in the evening, our team will be at the end of the phone or through our mobile application to help you.

Our wheelchair taxi service at A1 Taxis Sheffield is trusted to offer you the best combination of affordability and comfort.

Your trip to Sheffield deserves to be easy, stress-free and convenient – no matter where or when across the city.

If you would like to book your next trip with us in good time, speak with our experienced and helpful staff.


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